A Robust Ethereum Liquid Staking Index
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Minimize volatility with a more predictable yield.

Resilient Rewards

Stay ahead in a volatile rewards market. Risk-optimized yield strategies, designed to produce reliable yield over the long term.

The Best of Staking + DeFi

Strength lies in unity. Always the best vanilla staking rewards on ETH, backed by additional yield from our trusted DeFi partners.

Guided by Staking Pioneers

Developed by the #1 Staking Data Aggregator in the world. srETH is proactively kept in check by a team of unbiased researchers committed to your staking success.

Stake & Forget

An all-weather staking solution. Powered by automation.

To the Docs

Sustained optimization for a more stable yield.


No active management.

No lock-ups.

Secured by the best
srETH has been stress tested by the best in the business
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A new Alliance
srETH is owned and managed by the Staking Rewards team and powered by Spool v2 smart vault technology.
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You got questions? We got answers.

What is srETH?

srETH is an all-weather liquid staking index fund on Ethereum. srETH offers a simple and efficient solution for investors seeking to 'stake-and-forget'. By leveraging various strategies, srETH aims to minimize volatility and produce a more predictable yield over time. The srETH index fund is suitable for both retail investors and institutions.

How does srETH optimize Ethereum investments?

srETH dynamically allocates funds across several LST protocols like Lido, Rocket Pool, and Frax to optimize yields. This automated portfolio optimization, combined with strategies for capital efficiency, reduced gas fees, and security measures, ensures robust returns and minimizes risks. It also provides transparency in performance tracking and complies with relevant regulations, making it accessible to a broad range of investors.

What are the key features of srETH?

srETH mitigates the impact of reward market volatility, giving you a more robust way to stake your ETH over the long-term. Key features include, the best risk adjusted yield, auto-compounding, no lock ups, no active management needed and it is guided by the Staking Rewards team.

Who can benefit from srETH?

The srETH index provides a hassle-free investment experience for both retail and institutional investors.

How does Spool relate to srETH?

Staking Rewards have joined forces with Spool to create srETH. Spool is a decentralized middleware enabling the creation of automated, diversified, and risk-reward-optimized yield-farming strategies. While not directly mentioned in relation to srETH, Spool's capabilities in creating diversified portfolios and acting as a liquidity funnel for DeFi protocols align with the objectives of srETH, suggesting potential synergy in operations.

What makes Spool unique in the DeFi space?

Spool stands out due to its motto of synergizing rather than competing. It serves as a tool for capital aggregators to build DeFi products tailored to their audience and acts as a liquidity funnel for DeFi protocols. Spool's governance system is fluid and democratic, focused on covering the most relevant strategies and evolving with market trends.

What are the fee structures for srETH?

srETH implements a performance fee of 10%, which is divided between two main beneficiaries: 5% goes to the Spool DAO, and the other 5% is allocated to Staking Rewards. These fees are utilized primarily to develop new srETH strategies. This fee model ensures that the interests of the srETH platform are aligned with those of its investors, as fees are only incurred on the performance of the investments, incentivizing the continuous development and improvement of srETH strategies.