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Founded and maintained by Roman Matusevich and Anatoly Ustinov.

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Compliance & Security

Installation is backed by 9 servers running 17 minter nodes. Hardware is optimised for Minter to perform at high availability.
Validator runs on Intel Xeon E-2176G server with NVMe SSD.
Some Minter centry servers are connected to validator by 10G lan.
Servers are placed in Finland (1 site) Germany (2 sites)


Anatoly Ustinov: 20 yeas of experience certified system engineer. Done several projects for big IT companies in Russian market. Specialised in networking, storage, virtualisation, performance computing and DevOps. Certified by Cisco, Vmware, HPE, IBM.

Roman Matusevich: Professional programmer. Several projects on PHP, Python and Java. Now maintains Minter Python SDK and some other projects in Minter.

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