Registered since: January 18, 2020

About Trustaking

Trustaking is a trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards.


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Registered since: January 18, 2020
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  • What is Trustaking? operates a non custodial “Full Node as a Service” pool providing it’s users with a secure cold staking wallet on their chosen network. By utilising Trustaking’s FNaaS technology a user can setup and run Cold Staking very quickly, safe in the knowledge that their coins never leave their cold storage wallet.

  • What is your teams expertise / track record?

    We have 20+ years experience in the software development and financial services industry.

  • What is your infrastructure security setup?

    We run our infrastructure in the cloud using hardened Linux OS & bespoke software to facilitate cold staking platform.

  • How do you handle governance decisions?

    We are founding members of the Blockcore team and actively participate in the development of the underlying protocol.

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