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Minterpro is the biggest masternode pool on Minter. A huge variety of projects, including charity and entertainment, advanced loyalty programs, reliable tech support and low fees – that’s why MinterPro has the biggest community on Minter.

As of April 2020 MinterPro’s pool consists of 4 reliable masternodes with top notch security and 25 Minter projects up its sleeve.

As of April 2020:
it’s the biggest masternode pool on Minter;
it has over 3000 delegates from 43 countries;
over 5M USD in rewards paid out;
37 of 100 Minter’s biggest investors have a stake in our pool.

Our goal is to create, improve and monetize projects that have a lot of potential with the Proof-of-Stake technology.

We strive to provide our delegates with the most safety and profitability possible. 24/7 tech support to show our care for our clients.

Compliance & Security

We’re currently using the best security system on Minter by MonsterNode. Its infrastructure combines 24 servers as 3 independent networks, making it possible for our validator servers, partnered servers and the servers maintaining the infrastructure of our projects to work flawlessly.


March 2018 – we started working with Minter and and actively participated in its testing stage.

May 2019 – the MinterPro masternode became one of the first 16 validators on Minter.

July 2019 – the launch of our second masternode, FOUR.

August 2019 – the creation of our token, MPRO, which grew by about 85% in 3 months.

September 2019 – the launch of our third masternode, MinterPro 2.0.

November 2019 – the launch of our mobile service.

December 2019 – the launch of our own liquidity provider.

January 2020 – partnering up and releasing the Vegas masternode.