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Launchnodes provides ETH 2.0 Beacon and Validator nodes as a product through the AWS marketplace. We provide you with nodes at a fixed annual cost that runs the latest prsymatic clients, that are always on and securely configured to allow clients to stake Ethereum and maximize their returns.  




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$49.5/per month

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2 months ago

Lauchnodes is the only fully non-custodial Ethereum staking services provider. Launchnodes never sees or has access to your mnemonic, keys or passwords and we never ask you to send us ETH. Our process lets non-technical people stake ETH directly owning and running their own nodes. However, we also let engineers or engineering teams self serve and set up their validator or beacon nodes directly from AWS Marketplace.

- Non-custodial
- No website, UI or portal dependency on Launchnodes to access your nodes.
- Zero monthly commission
- Always on infrastructure by AWS and Azure
- End-to-end setup (if required)
- Back up your existing setup with our beacon nodes (for those staking at scale)
- Free ongoing upkeep

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Do I need to pay a monthly commission?


2 months ago


2 months ago

No. We only charge you a fixed annual cost for your nodes software subscription and support. You can buy our services through Amazon Web Services Marketplace in your own account. So there is no dependency on Launchnodes for access and ownership of your nodes.

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2 months ago

No. We are fully non-custodial, which means that you never need to transfer ETH to Launchnnodes. It always stays on your wallet and your validator node and the node runs in your AWS account. This means you never need to access our website or a portal to access your nodes.

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Compliance & Security

Our beacon and validator nodes run in our client’s own AWS accounts, you buy our nodes through the AWS marketplace, and they take a few minutes to set up and then start staking directly on ETH 2.0 Mainnet.  This means we don’t know our client’s wallet addresses, their public or private keys. Our goal is for people to stake directly and maximize their returns without needing to trust any third-party platform or service. We make it easy to run nodes for Individuals and Institutions



Jaydeep Korde



Peter Patsalides


The Launchnodes team have built useful working software and put it into production in the UK and globally for governments, banks, and global corporates for the past 20 years at Thoughtworks, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, and for the British government to name just a few of the organizations our team has worked for. 

The team has been early investors in BTC and Ethereum and active members of the development community.

Launchnodes is passionate about widening participation in staking from as many different organizations as possible to explore the different business models that can emerge based on public blockchains.

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