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“We are a registered company in Switzerland, and have been validating for several blockchains for over a year.
We’re a team of two for now, IT specialists with a strong experience in the banking sector.

Our long term project is, for one, to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies here in Switzerland (then expand to Europe and the world) and provide individuals and companies with tools to easily and safely invest in the industry.
The goal is basically to make buying tokens as natural as buying company stock — and taking advantage of the Swiss wealth.
A second side of the project is to partner with traditional banks and get them to finally get into the crypto world: as you know, Switzerland is pretty much the land of the banks, and if we get even one to partner with us, it’s going to be a landslide. Our experience in this sector is going to be useful here.

This is for the coming 5 years or so. We’ll be hiring developers, marketing and sales people, establishing partnerships with local institutions, etc.

Meanwhile: on a daily basis, we provide validation services to the chains, including testnet, sentries and seed nodes in order to actively participate to their development. In addition, we develop tools and software for the community, provide technical assistance, and always participate in the governance.”