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Equilibrium is an all-in-one interoperable DeFi hub. It helps a wide range of crypto holders make use of their assets in a decentralized way. Equilibrium lets users stake, earn and get price-stable liquidity in EOSDT at low APR.

Supported Assets

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Compliance & Security

We use Digital Ocean for our services, and AWS instances for EOS-nodes. We have 3 nodes and a balancer. Our technology is based on EOS public ledger.



Alex Melikhov


We are an international team of financial and software engineers who are passionate about developing better, more complete crypto markets. Our dev team has worked on several challenging projects such as banking mobile trading app, margin trading and risk engine for brokerage business, middle office management and reporting for big algo-trader firm, REPO market on ETH blockchain, stablecoin project on EOS blockchain.


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