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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Brendan Kittredge


Nick Hagianis



Super Sysadmin

Team Track Record

Brendan Kittredge is a core community member and contributor at Secret Network where he runs the community program for Secret Agents. He started WhisperNode and learned the basics of validating Proof of Stake chains on Secret Network. He is now focused primarily on the forward facing business relationship aspects of the Whispernode validator and has much smarter technical people to answer his dumb questions. In a previous life he was a Contracting Officer with 12 years of professional experience in Government contracting, procurement, and acquisition for Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, Radar Systems, and complex IT Systems.

Nick Hagianis is a Software developer with 10 years of experience building customer facing software for startups and small businesses. He has expertise in systems development and design utilizing Python, JavaScript, and SQL among many other tools and has been involved in the successful sale of software company Perch Security and currently works a

Gh0st…well…Gh0st likes to stay anon, but he is our workhorse, main sys-admin, and most trusted technical partner. Gh0st can largely be credited with our expansion across the cosmos. We couldn’t do it without him, nor would we want to.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We strive to be well-informed of all governance proposals prior to voting. Our process includes external discussion with other validators, delegators, and an internal discussion in our discord.

As a fully independent company, we have no external influences when it comes to governance participation, NOR do we vote on things with our own financial interests in mind. We try to be unbiased and vote based on a strong set of ethics.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Whispernode currently rents bare metal servers in multiple locations around the world. We are not reliant on one provider OR one geographic location.

For our setup we have a validator and multiple sentry nodes for each network. We use the TMKMS Key Management System to separate key management from Tendermint nodes, improve security, ensure high quality access to validator keys, and prevent double-signing.

What is WhisperNode?

Whispernode is a grassroots validator team that’s 100% focused on decentralization, security, & the cosmos ecosystem. We started with just one validator on Secret Network and have now grown to supporting 20+ networks. We love the Web3 space and consider ourselves blessed to be able to do what we do everyday. We strive to be incrementally better at what we do every single day, and thus reinvest a lot of our resources from delegators into improving WhisperNode (more on this below). WhisperNode works 24/7 to ensure that delegators can sleep peacefully, knowing their funds are #SAFU.