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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Doug Flitton

Managing Partner

Team Track Record

ValidatorNode operates and manages multiple POS Validator Nodes and has been involved in the Staking as a Service (SaaS) industry for over 3 years.

Our team consists of a group of seasoned IT professionals with backgrounds in software engineering, database administration, systems administration, and network design. We have a combined experience of over 45 years in the IT industry. Members of our team have been heavily involved in the blockchain technology industry since 2014.

What is ValidatorNode?

ValidatorNode is a staking infrastructure provider for proof-of-stake Blockchains. We provide enterprise-level staking solutions to both seasoned players and retail investors.

Led by a team of industry-veterans, at ValidatorNode, we have been successfully helping our staking partners profit from their parked crypto assets. Our goal is to make staking seamless, secure, and accessible to all.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our Validator Node infrastructure adheres to the best practices for validators and consists of a Validator Node contained in a Virtual Private Network (VPC), firewalled from the outside world, with a minimum of one internet-facing Sentry Node.

All of our validator node wallets/keys are maintained within Key Management Systems (KMS) located within our data center.

Our servers and network infrastructure are continuously monitored 24/7 utilizing proprietary monitoring devices/software, which provides real-time monitoring and alerts for any issues or problems deviating from expected performance baselines.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

It’s our goal to maintain a healthy environment for each network we operate a validator node. When protocol governance issues are presented, we review each proposal raised for the network and vote accordingly.

Our delegators are encouraged to review open proposals and provide feedback to ValidatorNode regarding their opinions on the proposals.

We participate 100% in the governance decisions for our supported networks.