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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Each proposal is carefully analyzed and if there is any controversy, we act in the best interest of our community of delegators.

We have not yet faced any situation that required community input, but we strongly believe in the decentralization aspectd of the blockchain, and it is not something we treat lightly.

What is Valid Blocks?

Valid Blocks helps you, the investor, increase your cryptocurrency assets by participating in staking. “Non-Custodial” means you are always in control of your funds, so you can rest assured, your delegation is safe!

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Eddie Nuta

Founder & CEO

Adi Bungarzan

Co- Founder & CIO

Team Track Record

Eddie Nuta
Started in ’99 as a programmer, moved on to Business Analyst, then fell in love with RFID and… Blockchains!

Adi Bungarzan
Fascinated by *anything* blockchain. Unix sysadmin at heart, built his own Linux distro as bachelor’s Thesis. Worked with top European corporations, said <NO> to the European Space Agency to work with… Blockchains

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

For validation services, we use only bare metal machines and have open contracts with top tier Data Centers that can scale immediately in case of need.

For monitoring services, we use VPS.

The servers are spread across different providers and locations around the globe.

In our day to day operations, we use best practices for security.