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What is The Lode (Sentries)?

A Sentries-branded Solana Validator. The sustainable foundation and liquidity reserve for the rest of the Sentries ecosystem.

What is your teams expertise / track record?








Team Track Record

The team is comprised of lawyers, crypto veterans, expert infrastructure operators and B2B marketers. Earliest experience with crypto was mining Bitcoin in Java applets in the web browser for Slush’s mining pool. Went on to create Blockchains, operate data collection for trading, build trading strategies (trading over 2B in volume), directors of marketing for large tech companies, and minting our NFT project.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Security and operations are a critical component of a well-run validator. With Sentries you can be assured we take this into the utmost consideration when evaluating technologies and deployment.

‍6 point strategy when dealing with infrastructure hardware

Firewall configured – only allow access required for operating the Solana Validator

Restricted access via user account as well as key’d account restriction

Automatic install of latest security updates

Systems monitoring and auditing

Encrypted filestore on boot for access to private keypair loaded (voting / identity account)

Alerting for low vote balance, updates, system status, and new builds

Aditionally Sentries enforces the following with withdraw authority:

Off premise withdraw authority key storage

Multisignature configurations

To manage these systems effectively we leverage the following technologies which are available for your evaluation: ZeroTier, Boundary, CMD, Consul, and Vault.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We first find and listen to all stake holders, then we assess the mindshare to evaluate what is best for all parties. This is an evolving process on Solana, but we hope to make an impact for those who don’t have a voice in stake.

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