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What is

Professional independent validator since may 2020
Testnets I’ve participated in: 80+
Mainnets I’m in: 10+

What is your teams expertise / track record?

Team Track Record

Solana Hacker House 2022 participant and Cosmoverse/Hackmos 2023 Neutron track 3rd place winner – Validators School Mentor

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Servers and architecture, technology stack: mostly AMD Ryzen 9 5950x, 128RAM, 7Tb NVME, 1Gbit+ network. Sentry nodes where necessary, apparmor/firewalls, ssh keys access, prometheus+node_exporter+grafana+telegram alerting.
Baremetal servers located in EU(NL,DE,FI,PL,FR) and US.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

As for voting, before casting our votes, we take great care to stay informed about all governance proposals. Our approach includes actively participating in external discussions with the community. We uphold a commitment to impartiality in our governance participation and ensure that our voting decisions are not influenced by any financial interests. Instead, our votes are driven by a robust ethical framework.

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