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What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

To maintain network consistency, we run a state-of-the-art infrastructure with 50+ nodes, among which are 30+ validators. This is what we do to maintain the high standards of our staking services:

– to ensure 99.9% uptime we run dedicated bare metal servers located in several countries, use load balancing and backup servers;
– we abide by all blockchain rules, and our validators have never been slashed;
– we use automated monitoring and notification systems to maintain 24/7/365 node operation.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Apart from participating in governance by voting, we do much more to contribute to blockchain governance by:

– developing governance dashboards for a number of blockchains;
– actively investing in governance projects.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Vitali Horba


Viachaslau Horba


Team Track Record

Staketab was originally founded as a multi-chain staking provider in 2020, and now it has grown to be a hub with about 20 blockchain specialists. We are a dedicated team of blockchain engineers, developers, devOps, researchers and analysts. Those are some of our achievements, to mention but a few:

– we’re a genesis Testnet and Mainnet validator in a number of blockchains (Mina, Sui, Uptick, Stargaze, Axelar, Gravity Bridge, Desmos, etc.);
– we’re regularly awarded with grants, i.g. Top 20 Sui Builder Award, Mina development grants, and others;
– we developed top-grade blockchain analytics platforms in a number of blockchains with Minascan and Suiscan being №1 among similar platforms in the ecosystems;
– we won delegators’ trust and regularly receive foundation delegations.

What is Staketab?

Staketab is a non-custodial staking service provider operating in 20+ proof-of-stake networks both on Mainnet and Testnet including, among others, Sui, Mina, Aptos, Stargaze, Uptick, Axelar, Gravity Bridge, Desmos, Omniflix, Celestia, Sifchain to name but a few. We offer:
– high-yield staking services;
– 99.9% uptime backed up by a top-notch gear;
– regular and steady rewards;
– staking and technical support.

We are a team of 20+ blockchain experts: engineers, developers, devOps, analysts and researchers. Stake with us and make the most of your investment in crypto.

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