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What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Monitoring the health of our servers, nodes and maintaining a proper security policy is our highest priority.
Security and Stability:
– We are using multi-region, only high-grade bare metal servers in Tier-1 data centers
– We are using Horcrux signing cluster which helps to prevent double signing
– We are using cloud provider firewalls, operation system firewalls
– We are using Prometheus & Grafana as monitoring services and OnCall.
– Our validator keys are protected by Ledger devices.
– Our nodes were never slashed

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We monitor governance proposals and participate in their discussion and voting.

What is Stakecraft?

StakeCraft Validator is a leading platform that brings immense benefits to delegators within decentralized networks. By staking their tokens with StakeCraft, delegators can earn passive income through a reliable and secure validation process.
StakeCraft Validator employs cutting-edge technology and robust infrastructure to ensure the integrity and stability of the network, mitigating risks and enhancing trust. With its advanced consensus algorithms, StakeCraft Validator enables efficient and fast transaction processing, ensuring a seamless experience for delegators.
Additionally, StakeCraft Validator offers competitive rewards and transparent fee structures, allowing delegators to maximize their earnings while maintaining full control over their assets.
By choosing StakeCraft Validator, delegators can participate in the growth and success of decentralized networks while enjoying the benefits of secure and profitable staking.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Alex Novacovschi


Vasily Istomin


Stanislav Culcitchi

Senior Network Engineer

Alexandr Lisenco

IT Administrator

Team Track Record

StakeCraft team is dynamic and technically experienced with engineers in Europe and Canada. We have experience in system/network administration for more than 10 years, and 6+ years in the crypto space.
Our team has certificates from Cisco and Kubernetes and experience with Linux and cloud platforms.
We’ve earned recognition in the crypto community as a reliable team that approaches with the highest responsibility for all tasks.

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