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What is Stakecito?

Stakecito secures and decentralizes proof-of-stake networks, primarily on Cosmos. We are strong advocates of the App-chain culture in Cosmos and believe that IBC will evolve into the industry-standard for interoperability. Stakecito is a core community contributor to Cosmos since April 2021.

What is your teams expertise / track record?



Marketing & Community


Governance & Testnets


Mainnets & Security


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Team Track Record

Founding members:

Cryptocito is a content creator and Co-founder of Cosmoverse – the largest ecosystem conference in Cosmos. He co-founded CryptoMondays Shanghai and ran multiple Crypto-conferences around the world since 2018. In early 2021, he joined the Cosmos ecosystem and onboarded 10,000+ new members to the Cosmos community since then.

Sergej is active in the blockchain industry since nearly 6 years. He brings vast experience in business development, consulting and has a background in finance. He joined the PoS space in 2018 and started running nodes (especially testnets) since then.

Jonas is a Cyber Security expert with several years of experience in Cyber Security consulting, cyber crime and general IT. He runs nodes since 2018 and participated in several testnets and blockchain contests. Besides that, he consulted several blockchain startups and projects regarding Cyber Security.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our servers are hosted in well-known datacenters in Germany and Europe. Our providers guarantee > 99% uptime, best-practice data center standards (like failover backups, mirrored backups in different data centers, redundant power, cooling, networking, gated access, remote alerting etc.) and certified security practices (eg ISO27001).

We operate our validator on longterm supported operating systems, use multi-factor authentication with lower privileged accounts and apply general system security and hardening. Backups of important operator files are maintained regularly.

Our servers are monitored and alerting is in place.

Depending on the supported blockchains, we operate sentry nodes to gain redundancy for our validators in different data centers and to protect against DDoS attacks.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We have a separate group where we discuss governance proposals and are in close contact with almost every team of the chains we are validating. Also, we have access to community feedback and sentiment through the reach of Cryptocito in the community.

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