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What is Spectrum Staking?

Foster Diversity, Build Chances, Proliferate Decentralization!

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

All our architecture and processes are developed with security, robustness and resilience in mind.
Our software and configurations get rolled out via CI/CD systems.
Servers communicate internally via Mesh VPNs (wireguard)
We only offer non-custodial staking but still we manage our own crypto with care and only use private keys on airgapped systems. Cold storage of keys is on encrypted media with hardware encryption.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Kiriakos Krastillis


Team Track Record

We are highly motivated Haskell, Java and Linux developers with decades of experience. We have developed software that is rolled out globally and is used by millions of people. We have experience in development of high assurance code for security critical industries and are experts in working in iterative agile processes to produce Software in quick cycles. And we have been working with blockchain since the early days of Bitcoin.

What is Spectrum Pool?

KIND Software develops and operates high end web scale internet and blockchain solutions.
With Spectrum Staking we have created a dedicated arm for our Blockchain Operations and offer Spectrum Pool [SPEC] as a non-custodial Cardano Ada staking solution.
[KIND and SPEC company registrations pending]

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We support Cardano mainline decisions taken by the Cardano community. Should this change, ample information regarding it will be provided through our Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Home Page channels.