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What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

When it comes to band protocol, for security we use recent Ubuntu OS, keeping the last version of software upgraded, Firewall where ssh connections are open for only a specified host, also we use additional password protection for ssh connections for all servers( google auth). For a node itself, we use two additional centries, all of them are located in different DC in two countries in the EU. We also use a private IP connection between nodes and centries. Node IP is not visible for the ‘external world’. For monitoring, we use telegram notification like HDD monitoring, CPU usage, changed staking ratio, etc.. We also use a Grafana/Prometheus graphical stats.

What is SolidOne?

SolidOne is a project which is focused and dedicated to providing staking solutions for selected projects.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

For delegators governance decisions, the commission rate can go up at once only 1%, not more. The maximum commission can be set up to 50%. Currently, the commission fee is set to 1%.

What is your teams expertise / track record?

Team Track Record

Our Linux/Unix experience exceeds 15 years of working as an administrator. Validator experience for a couple of months. Currently running a Band Protocol validator, Cardano node (sone), and Ethereum testnet with a rocket pool.