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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Our governance decision-making process is as follows:
– We take a great interest in governance decisions with participation in discussions in forums and working groups.
– Listen to stakeholders to understand the reasoning, effect, and possible adverse reactions.
– Discuss internally on what decision should be taken.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Matthew Felice Pace


Isaac Zarb


Francesco Cremona

DevOps Engineer

Daniel Magro

Blockchain Technology Analyst

Miguel Dingli

Software Developer

Dylan Galea

Software Developer

Team Track Record

The team is composed of six young blockchain native engineers with a great passion for contributing to the foundations of the technology that will enable a better future. They are led by two senior team members who have a varied mix of management, blockchain, security, computer science, and data science experience.

We are all Maltese and based in Malta, which we believe is an important step in decentralization, given the natural limited representation from companies in small countries.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

We operate from our privately owned data center, with redundant collocated infrastructure at trusted 3rd parties, boasting complete CCTV coverage, Next-Generation firewalls, and power and cooling backups/redundancies.
All hosts are fully monitored, subnetted per blockchain network, and highly restricted SSH access.

What is Simply Staking?

Simply Staking is Simply VC’s growing Blockchain Infrastructure branch focusing on privacy and security infrastructure provisioning in a truly decentralised way.

We focus on three main areas:
• DevOps and operations to run node infrastructure for avant-garde projects such as Celo, Chainlink, Cosmos, and Kusama/Polkadot.
• Development of open-source tools that we believe would benefit the ecosystem at large.
• Helping our partners in the launch of their blockchain projects.