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What is SenseiNode?

The First Blockchain Infrastructure Provider in Latin America. Our nodes provide enterprise level availability, distributed on leading hosting facilities locally on multiple jurisdictions, enabling organizations to build and participate in staking on multiple PoS protocols.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Pablo Larguia


Martin Fernandez


Jesus Chitty


Nacho Roizman


Team Track Record

Our team is a combination of entrepreneurs with a long track record in the region, along with experienced blockchain engineers on PoS protocols having launched the firs EOS validator in Latin America as well as experts in DevOps with experience setting up cloud services on multiple hosting environments.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

We run our validators on multiple hosting providers distributed across different jurisdictions in Latin America. We ensure availability by deploying redundant infrastructure, balancing loads and continuously monitoring specific metrics that trigger alerts in order to take corrective actions.

For our staking infrastructure we have set up a multi server architecture that guarantees the isolation of the validating nodes. The access to the servers is managed by a jump-host that not only restricts logins of unauthorized personnel but also records user entries for transparency and accountability.

The signing keys are stored in a hashicorp vault that can only be accessed through the jump host and 3 unseal keys and one token is required to obtain access. Moreover, the vault can only be entered using a specific port known only by three members of our team.

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