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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Chen Zhuling


DiZien Low

Head of Strategy

Guanglei Deng

Head of Product

Calvin Zhou

Head of DevOps

Hsin Jin Tang

Head of Institutional Sales

Team Track Record

With a stacked team of tech experts, we have been working on blockchain projects since 2019, providing a safe and secure technological infrastructure to support the most innovative protocols in the market.

What is RockX?

RockX is a blockchain fintech company that helps our customers embrace web 3.0 effortlessly through the development of innovative products and infrastructure.

We strive to enable institutions and disruptors in the financial and internet sectors to gain seamless access to blockchain data, crypto yield products and best-in-class key management solutions in a sustainable way.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Our Ecosystem team has a process to handle the Protocol Governance Decisions. We also listen to our community through our own discord server and also speaking directly to large delegators before making a decision.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

RockX utilizes script and is able to automate repetitive actions such as rapid validator launch and software upgrade. We are constantly automating the process wherever applicable, however, we remain manual on actions involved with validator keys due to infrequent operations and security concerns on slashing.

We have gained enormous experience in making sure our validators are operating normally and always up to date in protocol. Our 24/7 monitoring system allows us to prevent any unexpected cause of slashing. That means you can stake your votes on our validators with confidence!

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