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What is Pier Two?

Enterprise-grade infrastructure for institutional clients.
Non-custodial ETH Staking. Secure Node & Validation Services.
Creating the light client Lantern (C#).

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Patrick McNab

Co-Founder & CEO

Jack Deeb

Co-Founder & COO

Seamus McNab


Jake Denny

Head of Growth

Team Track Record

Pier Two is an Australian based blockchain infrastructure builder and operator. Specialising in ETH Staking services. Operating highly performant Chainlink nodes since the first ETH & BTC feed on Ethereum Mainnet in mid-2019. Selected as one of the nine official Arbitrum validators and run effective global coverage (24/7).

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Pier Two run effective global coverage (24/7) with pager-duty, staffing, multi- cloud and multi-client operations, with redundancy across 12 blockchains. For ETH staking, security remains paramount within the architecture of the homegrown IAC stack. Across key creation, key management, and validator signing duties. Using a combination of encryption, Web3Signer and automatic slashing protection, coupled with a thorough business continuity and disaster recovery process.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Pier Two advocates toward transparent, practical, and decentralised networks. Experience with DAO governance, and influencing policy around legal adoption of DAOs in Australia, Pier Two can offer improved participation and education about vote delegation. Currently, Pier Two’s CTO is a listed Delegate for Arbitrum, with 1289 addresses currently delegating 0.44% of Quorum.

Pier Two
Pier Two
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