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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Onchain proposals are monitored and discussed as part of daily calls everyday. Voting decision is based on the consensus within the core team.

What is Nodes.Guru?

Stake your assets with the most reliable node runners! Nodes.Guru Staking offers high-uptime, secure staking, monitoring with our own software, support & expertise

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Top priorities for Nodes.Guru are reliability and security. This is achieved by the following means:

– we mostly utilize bare metal machines with some portion of cloud services provided by OVH, Latitude, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS
– new instances go through custom setup procedures to enhance security (hardware tests, user and server access policies, firewall, package updates and installation etc)
– monitoring and alert system consisting of Zabbix, Grafana+Prometheus + custom web app + telegram and discord bots with 24h on-call DevOps
– node setup has hot failovers, sentries and MPC setup for tm-based networks
– if things go wrong way – disaster recovery procedures and 100% slash-compensation

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Sergio Korolev

Founder & CEO

Evgeny Garanin

Co-founder & COO

Andrei Menshikov

Co-founder & CTO

Sam A

Business Development

Team Track Record

Nodes.Guru is a team of enthusiastic experts with background in tech, business, engineering, marketing and science. Being in blockchain space since 2016, we aim to make noderunning more accessible for newcomers. Our products help to bridge the gap between web2 user-friendliness and web3 technology.

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