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Node Networks is a trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards with Fusion.


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Registered since: June 10, 2020






  • What is Node Networks?

    Node Networks is a community driven staking pools group based in North America and Asia aimed at helping our community maximize crypto rewards through our global reach. Services include:

    Fusion (FSN) Pool
    Node Networks is the longest serving Fusion (FSN) community-driven staking pool service. We utilize Fusion’s Time-Lock feature, which allows for individuals to securely stake their FSN coins. In addition, we maximize our individual staker rewards through our compounding strategy!

    Cardano (ADA) Pool – Testnet (mainnet expected Summer 2020)
    We are preparing for the Incentivized Testnet phase of Cardano’s Shelley era, which will mark the very first steps towards the network’s decentralization. This testnet is designed to test incentivization in a real-world context and allow you – the ADA holder – to earn real rewards by delegating your stake.

    We have been testing and providing staking services on Cardano ITN (testnet) since Dec. 2019 at 0% to our community.

  • What is your teams expertise / track record?

    Node Networks core team has extensive technical and international business experience working for the likes of large IT based multinationals and service providers such as Cisco, IBM and a global telecom – Telus.



  • What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

    Node Networks uses AWS EC2 for all nodes and web infrastructure to provide reliable service to our customers. Fusion provides a unique blockchain experience allowing stakers to securely and risk-free lend any asset to our pools. When handled this way, it gives our customers ultimate piece of mind.

  • How do you handle Governance Decisions?

    Protocol Governance Decisions are decided directly by the respective blockchains and Node Networks implements any appropriate changes.

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