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NEO Economy ❤️ Switcheo

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Learn about NEO Economy ❤️ Switcheo

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Neo Economy Switcheo has Fully redundant validators + multiple sentries, spread in multiple datacenters around the world.

What is your teams expertise / track record?

Team Track Record

Vincent the Founder of Neo Economy Switcheo has 15+ years of experience as a network architect.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

I’ll do my best to support Tradehub Growth and Expansion and will try and accommodate all decisions based on my delegator’s vote.

What is Neo Economy Switcheo?

Fully redundant setup with validators and sentries located in data centers around the world on high end dedicated servers. Managed by Vincent, Network architect specialized in blockchain deeply involved in NEO, Phantasma and Switcheo. Team member of NEO News Today.

NEO Economy  ❤️   Switcheo
NEO Economy ❤️ Switcheo