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Learn about Meria

What is Meria?

Meria is a professional blockchain infrastructure provider aiming to make these technologies available and open to everyone.

Formerly known as Just Mining, Meria has been created in 2017 by Owen Simonin, better known under his Youtube name ”Hasheur”. He is currently the most subscribed to French-speaking youtuber in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

As of today, Meria has become one of the leaders in cryptocurrency investment in French-speaking countries with a presence on over +30 networks.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Owen Simonin


Thibaut Boutrou


Arnaud Gugumus


Rémi Bommelaere

Lead Node Operator

Team Track Record

Our team has extensive experience in running and maintaining both Proof of Work and now Proof of Stake networks since 2017. The majority of Meria’s employees are crypto enthusiasts passionate about PoS networks and blockchain innovation.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

As a professional staking service provider, our fundamental principles for making governance decisions revolve around ensuring alignment with the unique requirements and preferences of our delegators. We have a global presence in the governance of each of the networks we secure, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Meria hosts its services in various data-centers, using several cloud providers (mostly Scaleway, OVH and Latitude).
Focusing on security and automation, we built an homogeneous and scaling infrastructure, allowing us to maintain best availability scores.
We harden every service we run by :

  • OS best practices
  • Applying strict network filtering
  • Proactive alerting
  • SOC agents
  • Cold-stored private keys
  • Recorded and RBAC ssh session
  • Automated infrastructure deployment
  • 24/7 Oncall rotation
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