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What is Marinade?

Marinade.Finance is a staking protocol built on Solana. You can stake your SOL tokens with Marinade using an automated staking strategy expertly designed for optimal performance and network decentralization. Users of Marinade can choose to stake natively or liquid stake to the same pool of 100+ high-performing Solana validators. When native staking with Marinade, there is no smart contract interaction, while when liquid staking you receive an equivalent value of “marinated SOL” tokens (mSOL) that you can use in DeFi.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Brandon Tucker

Head of Communications

Team Track Record

Marinade was founded at the 2021 Solana x Serum Hackathon and was the first liquid staking protocol to launch on Solana. Development teams led by Lucio Tato and Marco Broeken earned hackathon honors and an $80,000 grant to build Marinade.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Marinade has a 6/13 community multisig for its liquid staking smart contract. The treasury and operational multisigs are under a Council-controlled multisig operated by Realms SPL governance. View details on the docs:

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Marinade is a DAO governed on chain using Realms SPL governance on Solana. MNDE token holders who lock their tokens in governance vote on proposals related to operations and the treasury.

Marinade Finance
Marinade Finance
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