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What is Lavender.Five Nodes?

Lavender.Fives Nodes is a company of 3 dedicated to bringing secure infrastructure and pragmatic software solutions to over 45 proof-of-stake blockchains. With 15+ years experience in software development and system administration we guarantee safety for the funds of over 60,000 delegators. This makes us one of the most trusted Proof of Stake validators.

Our team is able to maintain industry-leading uptime by using dedicated bare-metal servers around the world, multiple 24/7 alerting systems, and a remote signing solution with always-ready backups. We are proud to say we secure more than $170m in staked assets and take that just a step further by providing 100% downtime slashing insurance if unforseen issues arise.

We differentiate ourselves through our public infrastructure like API nodes (>1 billion request/month) and IBC relaying (#1 Relayer in the Cosmos ecosystem) while simultaneously dedicating ourselves to wholesome governance and community engagement. We serve the projects we validate by authoring documentation for fellow validators, improving infrastructure security by providing automated setups, developing new features like hardware wallet support, and helping squash code bugs before they become an issue.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Dylan Schultzie

Founder - Software engineer

James - ReverseSigh

Systems Administrator

Gijs - Ertemann

Relations manager

Team Track Record

Lavender.Five has a wealth of experience both from our long track record as software engineers and system operators in web2 as our 3 year standing validation operations for the biggest, fastest and most complex blockchains in the web3 ecosystem.

The team consisting of a software engineer, systems administrator and developer relations engineer is deeply technical contributing to countless open source software libraries, consulting on core web3 software techstack like consensus and interoperability and are thought leaders in blockchain infrastructure security, monitoring, performance and stability.

Lavender.Five helps over 20 new networks on their testnet to find and combat issues early on to bring the best product to users.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

We take a pragmatic approach to running validators. At the most basic level we utilize bare metal servers with a minimum of 2 full nodes per network. Each server is with a different provider, Cherry, Ionos, PhoenixNap, DigitalOcean, AWS, Hetzner, OVHCloud, or MEVspace, spread across multiple geographic locations. All servers follow strict access policies via SSH keys and we use hardware validator key storage if possible.

Within the cosmos Ecosystem we supplement this with Horcrux as our remote signing solution, with 3 signers. What this means in practice is ALL nodes have to go down, or 2 signers, before we miss a single block. On other networks Lavender.five leverages automated node creation to have close to no downtime in server emergencies or maintenance.

We combine This with a 24/7 redundant monitoring setup so that you do not have to worry.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Lavender.Five aims to vote on every single governance proposal and participate in forum and other discussions as much as possible. We go further where needed, example contributions are Cosmos Replicated security advanced feedback and our Active feedback on Aptos improvement proposals.

Our vales – **Wholesome and Pragmatic**
More and more people are drawn to the promise of web3. Yet, as an industry, we have miles to go. At Lavender.Five, we leverage our expertise to provide a transparent perspective on the state of blockchain technology. We pride ourselves on our forthright governance approach and our commitment to accessibility for all communities we serve.

Nothing in the real world is black & white. People face complex decisions and problems to solve every day—even the most experienced of us struggle sometimes. We believe in taking an iterative, incremental, and realistic approach to improving software day by day—WITHOUT EVER cutting corners.

Lavender.Five supports builders!

Lavender.Five Nodes
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