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What is Just Mining?

Just-Mining is a company specialized in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Its aim is to make these technologies available to everyone. The company has been created in May 2017 by Owen Simonin, better known under his Youtube name ”Hasheur”. He is currently the most subscribed to French-speaking youtuber in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

Today Just-Mining has become the leader of the annex investment in cryptocurrency market in the French-speaking countries.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Owen Simonin


Team Track Record

Owen Simonin (aka Hasheur) is an important figure in the blockchain ecosystem. He has a decisive role in the democratization of cryptocurrencies in France.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our infrastructure is hosted in 2 Tier 3 & 4 French datacenters. Regarding the network part, we have 2 layers of Next Gen Firewall and subscribed to a DDOS mitigation solution. On top of that, all the network flows are controlled and continuously monitored to avoid and anticipate any attack tentative.
On the crypto part, all our tokens are secured by dedicated hardware wallets, those wallets are physically secured in our chest room and only accessible by authorized staff. Backups are stored in safe place and divided into multiple pieces for security purposes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to ask.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

With regard to the governance process:

A) All tokens / nodes owned by our company follow a vote from an internal joint decision (Masternode & Staking). We vote accordingly.

B) For tokens owned by Just-Mining, for its customers:
-either the customer manifests himself: We apply his request to the pro-rata of his tokens / nodes: one time a week.
-Either the customer does not show up (passive holder) and we vote blank / abstentions.

In a second step (roadmap at 12 months) we will further simplify this process by offering a “governance” panel to customers with staking tokens / masternodes.

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