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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Igor Volfson

Co-Founder, CEO

Alexander Ray

Co-Founder, CTO

Team Track Record

We have built several solutions for Solana blockchain, such as:
sv-manager (bootstrap new Solana validator in minutes); (validator monitoring dashboard);
alerting solution for sv-manager/dashboard.

We are also running a top-performing Solana validator:

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Any changes can only be made by the Solana Foundation upon request and after discussion.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

The pool uses Solana Foundation’s 3x audited Stake Pool Program (smart contract), so our delegators’ funds are as secure as humanly possible.

There is no technical possibility of a rug pull, and even in case the infrastructure on our side would be compromised (which is highly improbable as we use a multisig solution for all sensitive keys, and the team is made up of people with highest expertise in IT security), there is no access to the funds from the stake pool’s side.

What is Jpool?

We are a Solana stake pool, and the only one so far using Solana Foundation’s 3x audited stake pool program, which makes us the most secure option.

A stake pool chooses best validators and dynamically distributes stake between them to achieve top APY while supporting the Solana blockchain (and SOL price growth) at the same time.

The pool’s token, JSOL, is a DeFi which enables additional, compound yields through providing liquidity to a liquidity pool (e.g. on Raydium).