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What is Forbole?

We are a startup on Cosmos.
We are a leading independent validator on Proof-of-Stake networks.
We are a Never Jailed winner in the Cosmos Game of Stakes.
We create the award-winning Cosmos block explorer Big Dipper.
We build the decentralized social network Desmos.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We are very active in the communities. When there are protocol governance proposal, either proposed by us or other validators, we must involve actively in the discussions in different channels including Telegram groups and forums. Take Cosmos Hub as an example, we always help drafting the proposal document and involve in the discussions. We also help testing new software if there is a software upgrade. We will have internal discussions with our teammates and do simulation to see how the new changes would affect the whole ecosystem. We must deposit and vote on the proposals if we think the proposals are valid. After making the decisions and voted, we always write blog posts to explain our concerns and why we have those decisions.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our validator node and backup nodes are hosted in a TIA-942 Rated 3+ international standard data centre located in Hong Kong. The validator keys are generated on HSMs. Votes are signed directly on the HSMs by remote signers and the validator node send votes to the network via private sentry nodes to ensure that the validator nodes never being exposed to the public internet. There are also private relay nodes that are connecting to trust validators to ensure high uptime. We have auto-scaling public sentry nodes on different cloud providers to ensure the public connectivity won’t be affected by a single provider. Private nodes and public nodes are connected via VPN.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Kwun Yeung


Terence Lam


Team Track Record

The two cofunders have been partnered for over 10 years. Their previous venture was a digital agency in Hong Kong providing online application development and digital marketing services to multinational corporations, financial institutions and mega brands. The previous experience have equipped them with knowledge in user experience design, community building and large scale online applications network infrastructure setup. Forbole Limited was founded in late 2017. We started with Cosmos and have been active in the Cosmos community since then. We have won HackAtom 2 times and won the Never Jailed winner in Game of Stakes. The opensourced block explorer for Cosmos, Big Dipper, has been used by users from over 140 countries. It is also used by over 10 projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.