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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

ECO Stake’s primary focus with governance decisions is the health and security of the blockchain. We approach governance proposals from a delegator/user point of view, and will engage with the community to determine sentiment around a proposal. We are cautious to ensure we are not biased by other chains we validate for, and will abstain if we feel there is a conflict of interest.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

ECO Stake maintains a robust architecture across multiple data centres and regions, with multiple redundant nodes for all chains to ensure stability whatever happens. We are passionate about following best practices in the industry, including remote signing to protect against double signing, and 24/7 live monitoring to ensure we respond to any situation quickly and effectively.

What is ECO Stake 🌱?

ECO Stake is an independent, climate positive validator focussed on building useful tools for the Cosmos ecosystem. Our infrastructure is carbon neutral either through offsets or using zero carbon data centres, and an additional 10% of commission is donated to climate causes. We built which lets you auto-compound your staking rewards with many validators, including ourselves!

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Tom Beynon


Team Track Record

ECO Stake is a small independent team with over a decade of experience in programming and dev-ops, running high profile applications in various sectors. We participate in multiple testnets and build applications in the ecosystem, giving us a good understanding of the ecosystem as a whole. We focus on Cosmos blockchains exclusively.

ECO Stake 🌱
ECO Stake 🌱
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