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What is Cypher Core?

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cypher Core was founded in 2017 as an industry-leading staking service provider. We have worked closely with several outstanding projects in the scaling of educational awareness while delivering a plethora of insight to communities across the United States. Through trust in our quality service we’ve had the privilege of working to provide projects with first-rate infrastructure support and staking services abroad to their international communities. In order for us to provide invaluable insight for the developer communities that become a part of our network, it has become vital for us to become an early stage participant. Cosmos, Regen Network, and IRISnet are just some of the many projects that we’ve assisted by contributing significantly to their content curation. In addition to offering critical insight during several testnet phases of each project, we currently have the ability to work hands-on with each community 24/7 with developer and business operations. With over 4.5 million USD in delegated assets across 5 active project mainnets, Cypher Core aims to become a familiar enthusiast friendly “one-stop shop” staking service provider within this ever expanding space.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Jay Jie

Founder & CTO

Artem Arkatev


Ken Trueba


Jason Maehr

Strategic Advisor

Team Track Record

Operating as a staking service provider for two years now, ecosystem contributor to each network we offer services to.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Within the blockchain industry, newly developed methods of governance are sometimes difficult for the public to understand at first. As a team with 23 years of professional experience combined, we feel uniquely qualified to see through open perspectives and deliver valuable insight to make sure we are always contributing towards an equitable result. Over the past year, we’ve had the luxury of writing about several network proposals for various projects and have provided crucial insight for these projects. Within each community we’re involved in, we try our best to provide a quality level of insight into the future and make sure each step is carefully taken to ensure a productive burgeoning network. With each and every crucial proposals we always encourage our own community members to discuss the topic at hand prior to our decisions on proposals as well.