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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We start by reading and discussing proposal posts on forums with our team. Then, we talk about the proposed changes on our internal and chain-specific Discord channels.

If needed, we ask our delegators on social media for their opinions. We also keep an eye on what other validator teams are thinking and voting for. Finally, we make our decision and cast our vote.

Sometimes we take action and vote immediately if it is a malicious proposal or something we already come conclusion about. Then repeat the above process.

If the community changes its mind after we vote, we’re open to changing our decision too.

What is your teams expertise / track record?








Team Track Record

The Crypto Lion team consists of 10 blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, all based in Turkey. We came together as part of an ambassador program for a Cosmos-based chain. Within our team, we have community experts, developers, DevOps engineers, designers, and marketers, many of whom are actively employed by global companies. We share a passion for staying updated on the latest innovations and serving as a bridge between the Turkish and global communities.

What is Crypto Lion?

Crypto Lion has been providing reliable staking services to over 9,000 delegators on nearly 20 PoS networks, with more than $5 million in assets locked since early 2021. Our aim is to offer a secure service for stakers, utilizing a modern and high standard infrastructure with the potential for high APY.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

We operate our entire infrastructure across multiple cloud providers, including Hetzner, AWS, Linode, and OVH, all while adhering to security-centered. Our choice of infrastructure is based on specific requirements and industry best practices.

All of our servers and service providers undergo 24/7 monitoring using various API and RPC points, facilitated by a range of tools developed by both the community and our own team.

We prioritize security by following best practices and implementing key management for server access and maintenance. Additionally, all public access is filtered through firewalls during the setup of new nodes and rigorously tested before deployment in a production environment. We conduct maintenance on a scheduled basis, both in regular circles and on an emergency basis for security upgrades. Disaster recovery procedures are continually prepared and updated as needed, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

Crypto Lion 🦁
Crypto Lion 🦁
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