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What is Cosmic Validator?

A staking service provider with a focus on the Cosmos hub network and ecosystem. We were selected recently by Tendermint as a top validator contributor to Cosmos and we received a large atom delegation from Tendermint to reward our efforts and our secure and proven staking infrastructure.
We focus on providing a 100% uptime and security to maximize the rewards for our delegators. In addition, we offer excellent customer service with live support via our fast-growing telegram community.

What is your teams expertise / track record?

Team Track Record

Our team’s background offers the highest possible credentials with experience in top institutions such as PWC and Bank Frick blockchain labs. In addition, our team is experienced in crypto OTC deals, previously leading blockchain startups, and has received numerous awards and recognition for their IT, DevOps, and coding skills.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

We guarantee a 100% uptime which has been proven since we have been validating in the Cosmos hub. We also minimize double sign slashing risks and any potential DDoS or hacking attacks with several security barrier layers. Our secure infrastructure is trusted by both Tendermint and the Interchain Foundation (ICF) as shown by their delegation to our staking service.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We have been active in all governance proposals within the Cosmos hub. Our team discusses internally to reach consensus and we also monitor the response of the other validators. Our voting is always focused on increasing the value of the Cosmos hub and benefitting the largest number of stakeholders.

Cosmic Validator
Cosmic Validator
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