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What is Consensys Staking?

Consensys is the leading blockchain and web3 software company. Since 2014, Consensys has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering technological developments within the web3 ecosystem. Through our product suite, including the MetaMask platform, Consensys Staking, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and our NFT platform, we have become a trusted collaborator for users, creators, and developers. Whether building a dapp, an NFT collection, a portfolio, or a better future, the instinct to build is universal. Our mission is to inspire and empower the builder in everyone by making web3 universally easy to use and develop on. Let’s build the world we want to see.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Consensys operates validators on 2 clouds (Azure, AWS), distributed across 6 regions (2 in the US, 2 in Europe, 2 in Asia), 2 consensus clients (50% Teku, 50% Lighthouse), 2 execution clients (60% Besu, 40% Geth). Consensys Staking is certified SOC2 Type 2 and ISO27001. Learn more about security at Consensys at

Consensys Staking
Consensys Staking
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