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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

If you stake your assets with us, you agree to give our Validator or Custodian Partners your proxy to vote on any governance issues relating to the staked Digital Currency, and you waive any right to any claim related to any such voting right. Further, unless our Validator or Custodian Partner(s) determines that it is in the best interests of such Custodian Partner, CoinList or you to vote on such governance matters, the Validator or Custodian Partner shall abstain from participating in any such vote.

What is Coinlist?

CoinList is the trusted platform for new crypto offerings. We provide the community with access to the most cutting-edge innovations in the space while helping the most impactful crypto projects grow and succeed. Participants can buy, lend, trade, and stake the best new tokens like Filecoin, Flow, and Solana before they list on other exchanges. Crypto companies can run their token sales, meet compliance requirements, and manage custody and staking with our battle-tested infrastructure.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

CoinList requires device based 2FA for all accounts. CoinList has integrated with top custodians to secure customer funds on the platform including Anchorage, Bitgo, Gemini Custody. CoinList has partnered with Bison Trails to provide staking services.