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What is Coinbase Cloud?

Coinbase Cloud lets you earn rewards with simple, secure staking on 25+ networks. Token holders can stake to our secure public validators (Delegate), or run your own white-labeled dedicated validators (Participate). Put your crypto to work while helping secure networks. 

  • Earn rewards: Coinbase Cloud’s reliable infrastructure provides enterprise-grade security and a 99% uptime guarantee*, so your staked assets can keep earning.
  • Reduce risk: Our infrastructure is architected to minimize the risk of downtime and double-signing.
  • Benefits from our network expertise: We are decentralized infrastructure and protocol experts. We build our public validators with a deep understanding of the protocol ecosystems, and have close working relationships with protocol teams. We share insights on the protocol ecosystems regularly to help you optimize your staking. 

Visit Coinbase Cloud to start staking today. Interested in discussing large token delegations? Drop us a line here.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Joe Lallouz


Aaron Henshaw


Evan Weiss

Business Development

Anne Hathaway

CX Manager

Viktor Bunin

Protocol Specialist

Serra Saridereli

Product Marketing Manager

Team Track Record

Coinbase Cloud works closely with protocols during premainnet through launch. We are founding members of the Libra Association, Celo Alliance, and Proof of Stake Alliance. Coinbase Cloud is backed by top-tier blockchain VCs and trusted by investment funds around the world.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Coinbase Cloud evaluates each protocol’s governance proposal on a case by case basis in context of their technology, roadmap, culture, goals, and community. What’s right for one protocol can be completely wrong for another. Coinbase Cloud works extremely closely with the protocol teams, developers, and communities to understand these nuanced issues and vote in accordance with what they believe is right for each situation.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Coinbase Cloud validators are monitored 24/7 to mitigate downtime and security. It is a security-first company, and optimize our staking infrastructure for each of the networks that we support, with security best practices.

*If the product or service includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA), subject to the terms and conditions set forth in our SLAs.