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What is Citizen Cosmos?
  1. Citizen Cosmos is a Validator and an ecosystem developer that facilitates public initiatives. Our Goal is to bridge the Layer 0, connecting various digital nations and citizens to one another, by such – help these communities end the needless tribalism. We believe that blockchains should be viewed as digital nations and by using the tools that we hold, we help to build and bring value to these nations. Our tools vary, but for now include a web3-focused podcast, streams, social media, educational content, hackathons, distributed validator infrastructure and our offline network, which allows us to help dev teams to form strategic partnerships, especially at earlier stages. Citizen Cosmos produces 3 educational media formats. “Citizen Odyssey” Is a casual live stream where we Talk with and Get to know Validators from all over Web 3. “Interchain Debates” is a Discussion where competing ideas are debated and challenged by the developers of various projects. Last but not least is The Citizen Cosmos Podcast which aims to introducing you to the innovative minds of the Founders, Developers and Creators of some of Web 3’s most interesting projects. If like us you want to explore the Different Communities and say FuckTribalism, join our Discord and contribute to the conversations on topics that govern the future of this space. Together Let’s build a future where communication is decentralized. May the code be with you.

    We also are validating on :

    • Cosmos hub
    • Evmos
    • Cyber / Bostrom
    • OmniFlix
    • Neutron
    • BitCanna
    • LikeCoin

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Sergey Simanovsky


Team Track Record

We have over 10 years of experience in the crypto world. Focused on ecosystem development over the past 5 years. Including experience in launching various public networks, building communities and DevOps experience.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our setups consists of primary and secondary nodes that stand behind a network of sentinels. Currently we use a mixture of BareMetal and cloud nodes with a long term goal of using only BareMetal.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We make our decisions publicly aware to our delegators over social channels

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