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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Konstantin Richter

CEO & Founder

Lloyd Moore

VP of Engineering

Andrew Howell

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Stefan Schmitt

Business Development

Katie DiMento

Director of Marketing

Team Track Record

Supporting 50+ protocols including PoS, PoW, and more with 70 out-of-the-box node types, and monitoring plug-ins for cloud and on-premises services, Blockdaemon’s in-depth experience makes handling node operations easy. We’ve created scalable enterprise blockchain solutions via APIs, BYOI, auto-decentralization and auto-healing of nodes and support Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks from their inception as they begin their testnet phase through mainnet growth with mass user adoption. Throughout these phases of development, we work closely with protocol teams, communities, and foundations to help test, monitor, and improve the network.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

As part of our commitments to the networks we support, we take the time to evaluate what is best for the protocol and ensure we have active participation in voting and consensus. All node runners have a significant part in the future development of a network and its broader purpose so understanding the needs of the community at large and having an active voice is of utmost importance to us.

What is Blockdaemon?

Blockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider for 20+ PoS protocols allowing for an easy way to get competitive yields on your staking investments while minimizing risk. We are internally ISO 27001 compliant, with enterprise-grade security and backup systems and are used by leading exchanges, custodians, enterprises, financial institutions and 10k+ developers to connect commercial stakeholders to blockchains.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

In addition to having advanced monitoring and analytics, Blockdaemon is internally ISO 27001 compliant, with enterprise-grade security and backup systems. Security and compliance are second nature to us – providing the level of sophistication and pedigree you’d expect from a company managing your most precious assets. Private or Secret keys are stored in Vault. Vault is an extremely secure distributed method of storing sensitive data. It requires several tokens in order to access the encrypted data.