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What is Bitcoin Suisse AG?

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse is the Swiss crypto-finance and technology pioneer and market leader. Bitcoin Suisse has helped to shape the crypto and blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland and has been a driving force in the development of the ‘Crypto Valley’ and ‘Crypto Nation Switzerland’. As a regulated Swiss financial intermediary Bitcoin Suisse offers prime brokerage, trading, custody, lending, staking and other crypto-financial services for private and institutional clients. Bitcoin Suisse has built a team of over 200 highly qualified experts at its locations in Zug, Copenhagen, and Liechtenstein.

What is your teams expertise / track record?


Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof

Founder & current Honorary Chairman

Andrej Majcen

Head of Client Services & Co-Founder

Fabian Hediger

Head Innovation & Co-Founder

Mauro Casellini

CEO Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein and Head of Bitcoin Suisse Europe

Arthur Vayloyan


Urs Bigger


Peter Camenzind

Chief Operating Officer

Philipp Vonmoos

Chief Financial Officer

Sven Ramspott

Chief Risk Officer

Ricardo Schlatter

Chief Legal Officer

Giles Keating

Member of the Board

Roger Studer

Member of the board

Team Track Record

Bitcoin Suisse is made up of a diverse team of over 200 highly talented experts with a unique combination of IT, crypto, banking, finance, legal, and compliance know-how, who are united by a belief in the positive impact of cryptocurrencies on humanity and are passionate about creating financial products and services that change the world.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Bitcoin Suisse employs a team of security specialists. Specifics are not disclosed about their Infrastructure Security Setup related to our staking operation.

Bitcoin Suisse adheres to industry best practices and take all reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your stored data against manipulation, loss, or unauthorized third-party access.  Internal data privacy is taken very seriously. Our employees and service providers are required to maintain secrecy and to comply with the applicable data protection legislation.

To review general information on Bitcoin Suisse’s security setup please consult:

Security at Bitcoin Suisse

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Bitcoin Suisse sees governance decisions in the crypto space as an important step towards the democratization of crypto currencies and digital assets. As an advocate for the crypto industry, Bitcoin Suisse aims to accelerate this important development.
Bitcoin Suisse currently only enables the collection and execution of votes manually for a very small part of their clients, mainly due to the high workload involved.
Going forward, it is planned to create a scalable governance system that allows their users to see upcoming governance decisions, enable them to vote on these decisions and execute Bitcoin Suisse clients’ votes on behalf of them.”

Bitcoin Suisse AG
Bitcoin Suisse AG
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