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How do you handle Governance Decisions?

We take pride in voting and actively guiding blockchain evolution. Atlas Staking stays up-to-date with governance proposals by using the Kalpa Tech Proposal bot on Telegram. The team is also active within the social channels for each project it validates. This is where we educate ourselves and converse with delegators and other validators, discovering the pros and cons of each proposal before casting our vote.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

In a data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we own and have control over all the equipment on which our nodes run. Then the nodes all have there separate Virtual Machine and where possible these are double available for extra up-time. For monitoring of equipment and Nodes we use Check-MK.

What is Atlas Staking?

Atlas Staking is a trusted PoS blockchain hosting and service provider. Enthusiastic and with passion we like to add to the decentralized future and provide opportunities for staking and delegating individuals. In our relation to clients transparency and trustworthiness’ come first. Technically we have years of experience in various fields of ICT and businesses and we host our self-owned equipment in a Amsterdam based Data-Center. Feel free to contact us via Discord or email, we will always reply. For BAND and KAVA be sure too look at our extra reward giving reStake and compounding feature.

What is your teams expertise / track record?

Team Track Record

Atlas Staking brings a combined 50+ years experience in it-infrastructure, software and data engineering, project management, business management and crypto.

Atlas Staking
Atlas Staking