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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Vahid Shypoorchian


Team Track Record

  • 20 years of trading experience
  • 25 years of sales and marketing experience at C-Level within 250+ employee company
  • 10 years of development experience Windwos Apps
  • 5 year of Experienced in developing arbitrage and market making apps for crypto currencies
  • Experienced in data analytics and dashboarding (Azure datafactory and Power BI)
  • Dev-ops and Linux experience.

What is ADA 4 GOOD?

Why Delegate with us?

Because we care (for ADA) -> Hosted and Managed in Professional datacenters in Amsterdam

Because we like (more) ADA -> We are ADA HODL-ers for life!

Because we don’t like fees -> Currently 0% (after first block 2%)

Because we want to Give -> 50% of the fees go to Charity

So after first block 98% of your rewards is yours, 1% is ours and 1% is paid to our selected charity – “”Save the Children””

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Professional Datacenters in Amsterdam, hosting 1 Block producing Node and Relay Nodes
4 Core Intel servers, Ubuntu, 8GB RAM, 160GB HD, DDOS protection, Backup, Grafana realtime monitoring and Telegram alerting.