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What is your teams expertise / track record?


Alexandre Orfevre


Simone Pomposi

Head of Communications & Design

Team Track Record

Alexandre Orfevre is an experienced CTO with a track record of working projects including some in the crypto-space. Alexandre is the IT tool mastermind. Alexandre is located in Paris and he works as a CTO & Blockchain architect for a french company.

Nassim Rebhi is a Blockchain Analyst specialized in the financial business domain. He works for a Big4 in the banking and blockchain space.

Marc Lenhard is an online marketer with a focus on performance marketing. His educational background is in marketing and digital transformation. Previously to his current role, he gained startup experience as a market development manager.

Simone Pomposi has 15 years of experience in advertising in creative and managerial roles, working with the world leading brands and ad agencies.

What is ablock?

ablock is a staking service provider with a focus on community engagement. We build software and community tools, and we create educational content.

What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

ablock uses amazon EC2 and google compute to host its staking nodes.
Moreover, we do not provide any kind of service where we would host users funds. We are focused on DPOS/LPOS only for legal reasons. Your funds are always Safu in your wallet.

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

Currently, ablock handles the vote on behalf of the stakers even if we will do community votes (telegram / twitter).