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What is your Infrastructure Security Setup?

Our team ensures reliable security and stability by implementing the following properties.
– Hardware security module (YubiHSM2) used for key separation from node instances
– KT data center (Tier 3,4) access control for instance
– Physical firewall used for network protection
– No instances of slashing in the past year
– Establishment of disaster recovery strategies for each chain
– Utilizing the Sentry architecture for traffic control
– Multi-region backup node operation using AWS
– Monitoring system construction
– Prometheus-based metric collection
– 24/7 alerts and monitoring dashboard using Grafana

How do you handle Governance Decisions?

A41 places a high priority on governance, and protocol specialists with the highest expertise regarding each network, conduct a thorough analysis of each governance proposal to vote for the best outcome for the protocol and our delegators.

What is A41?

A41 is a blockchain infrastructure service provider that aspires to lead the digital asset market. We are a group of crypto natives who are most engaged with the ecosystems that we contribute as an infrastructure service provider.

What is your teams expertise / track record?




Eungho Ethan Lee

Validator Lead

Team Track Record

Members of A41 have diverse backgrounds ranging from those who have ample experience from the web2 to web3 natives. Core members of the team have 5 to 10 years of experience from; Samsung Electronic, Riot Games, LG CNS, DSRV, etc.