More and more people are looking for alternate ways to earn a yield on their hard-earned income. Threats of inflation are reverberating around the world and people are beginning to notice the cost of everyday living expenses are suspiciously increasing week by week. 

      The threat of money printing is real and it is affecting all of us. The typical <1% annual interest rate from the bank is just not going to cut it anymore. Even with a premium 2-3% savings account (which you often have to pay for), you are still going to be in the red following the rising cost of living and the hidden tax that is inflation. 

      So, what can be done about it? 

      Well, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are hedges against the constant depreciation of your purchasing power.

      But, what if it didn’t just stop there? Well, it doesn’t have to…

      With Hodlnaut, you can earn up to 12.73% interest on top of your cryptocurrencies safely and securely. 

      The current APYs offered on Hodlnaut are as follows:

      • Bitcoin – 7.46%
      • Wrapped Bitcoin – 7.46%
      • Ethereum – 7.46%
      • USDC – 12.73% 
      • USDT – 12.73%
      • DAI – 8.32%

      These impressive returns work on a tier-based structure as seen below:

      For more information on the Hodlnaut rates tier structure, head to this link.

      Hodlnaut is a perfect bridge between CeFi and the new and emerging DeFi world. This enables anyone to gain exposure to high-interest accounts on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and now Wrapped-Bitcoin. 

      On top of that, if you are still worried about crypto price volatility, the Hodlnaut platform also offers incredible double-digit yields on the most recognised stablecoins on the market including USDC, USDT and DAI.

      To find out how much you could be missing out on, head to the Staking Rewards calculator here.

      So, what is the catch and where does the yield come from? 

      Well, I can’t really find one…

      Hodlnaut is a Singapore based CeFi platform that allows users to deposit their crypto onto their app or website and earn tasty yields. 

      There is no lockup period and you begin earning interest from the moment you deposit. The weekly rewards will be deposited into your account every Monday without you having to lift a finger. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

      The yield is achieved by Hodlnaut lending out users’ funds to vetted and trusted borrowers within the industry. 

      The Loan-To-Value (LTV) rate is 70% or less, drastically reducing the risk of defaults, whilst also lending to multiple different borrowers with excellent credit scores to reduce counterparty risk. 

      To add additional layers of protection and security Hodlnaut partnered up with Fireblocks, one of the largest cryptocurrency custodial companies on the planet with experience of over $1 trillion in value securely transferred across their platform. 

      On top of that, users’ funds up to $44m can optionally be covered by the industry-standard protocol Nexus Mutual.

      Furthermore, anytime users’ funds are not loaned out to borrowers, they are kept in a self-custodial cold wallet. 

      For our full in-depth analysis and review of Hodlnaut head to our link here

      Let’s take a look at how to get started with Hodlnaut. 

      Thanks to their impressive new mobile app, Hodlnaut actually have two ways that you can begin to earn passive income. Let’s go through them both. 

      Disclaimer – For now, Hodlnaut does not accept fiat deposits, so you will need to use crypto you are already holding or use a familiar on-ramp and then transfer over your funds.  

      Hodlnaut Mobile App Tutorial

      You will need: 

      • iPhone (only iOS, for now…)
      • The crypto you wish to earn interest on 
      • Government-issued ID and proof of address for KYC
      • Google Authenticator app
      • Well… that is about it… simple. 

      Step 1 – Search for the Hodlnaut app in the App Store 

      Step 2 – Once downloaded head to the app and complete the mandatory KYC requirements. 

      This whole process is streamlined by the use of the Jumio which I found extremely easy unlike a lot of KYC processes. 

      Step 3 – Once your account is verified you are ready to start earning yield.

      Using Bitcoin as an example, on the home screen simply tap on the Bitcoin square. 

      It is also worth noting here if you wish your portfolio to be denominated in BTC, ETH or a local currency simply tap the “View in” button in the top right to change this. 

      Step 4 – Select deposit. This will then take you to your Hodlnaut Bitcoin wallet address.

      Step 5 – Send your Bitcoin to your Hodlnaut address using the QR code or using the “copy address” function.

      Top tip – Ensure you are using the correct network for each cryptocurrency you wish to deposit. The Bitcoin Network is used for BTC, Whilst the Ethereum Network (ERC20) is used for ETH, WBTC, USDT, DAI and USDC. 

      Step 6 – Once your deposit arrives, you are good to go. Frictionless passive yield at impressive rates could not be easier. You don’t need to do anything. 

      Step 7 – Each Monday at 5 pm SGT (GMT+8), you will be credited with your weekly rewards. To check this simply head to the Interest Statements tab at the bottom of the app.

      This will give you a full detailed breakdown of all interest paid on your crypto deposits. 

      Hodlnaut even supplies you with a handy CSV file that you can export if you need the data for personal or tax purposes at a later date. 

      Some useful tips when using the app

      To check how much interest you can expect to receive the following Monday, simply head to your wallet and select the crypto you are “Hodling”…

      From here you can see from the top box your available amount, the pending payout amount and the combined total. It is really neat when you see those Sats grow in real-time.

      Withdrawing from the app

      If for whatever reason you need to withdraw your cryptocurrency from the Hodlnaut app, that is no worry. There is NO LOCK-UP PERIOD. 

      Simply, head to your wallet and select the crypto you wish to withdraw (in this example it is Bitcoin). 

      Copy the address you wish to send your Bitcoin to and then select “Withdraw”.

      From here, you will be asked to input the recipient name, Bitcoin address and the amount you wish to send.

      If you decide to halt or cancel the withdrawal at any time before clicking “Withdraw”, just hit the “No, I have diamond hands” button to back out of the transfer. Nice, touch…

      Referral Steps

      One final touch which I really like about this app is the referral incentives and how easy it is to find. 

      If you think friends or family would also love this app then you can simply head to the account button in the bottom right to find your referral link. 

      Hit the “Refer your friends” button and once they sign up, they will receive a free $20 following their first $1000 deposit into their new account.

      On top of that, you will 10% of their rewards will be paid to you in the crypto that they deposit. This is a no-brainer, who doesn’t like free crypto?!

      Added Bonus

      Right now, to celebrate the launch of the brand new iOS app, Hodlnaut is offering an additional referral incentive which is very rewarding, to say the least. 

      Using the unique referral code within the iOS app users will now receive up to $300 for the first 10 referrals that use your link. 

      Please note – This is an incentive for users to explore the new Hodlnaut app. Those signing up through the web app will not be subject to the additional rewards bonus mentioned here.

      Two tiers can be fulfilled to achieve the full payment:

      Tier 1: Earn a one-time bonus of 200 USDC for the first 5 KYC-approved affiliates.‍

      Tier 2: For each additional KYC-approved user referred after the first 5 users, you can earn 20 USDC per new user, capped at 5 additional users.

      This is all on top of the regular bonus that you receive through the standard referral program. This is really quite impressive. 

      For more information, you can head to the Hodlnaut referral information page here

      The Hodlnaut website 

      Right, now we have taken a look at the app, let’s explore the equally outstanding Hodlnaut website. 

      You will need: 

      • Mobile device
      • Laptop or computer
      • The crypto you wish to earn interest on 
      • Government-issued ID and proof of address for KYC
      • Google Authenticator app

      Note: If you have already signed up through the app, then you will be able to log in with your account details and 2-factor authenticator. If not, continue below. 

      Step 1 – Hit the “SIGN UP” button and proceed to fill in your details. You will be asked to KYC, so be sure to have a copy of a government-issued ID and proof of address handy.

      From the account dashboard you can see the following: 

      • Total Account Value in BTC. If you would prefer this to be denominated in your local, this can be changed by selecting the “View in” button on the right-hand side. 
      • Total Interest Paid
      • Pending Interest Payout – This is deposited into your account each Monday. 
      • Next Payout Date – A handy countdown timer.

      You can also see the current APR and APY rates for each specific cryptocurrency. 

      The APR is the amount of interest you would earn annually. 

      The APY takes into account the weekly auto-compounding effect of Hodlnaut, so you effectively earn interest on your interest… impressive. 

      Step 2  – To deposit funds to your Hodlnaut account, head to “Deposit/Withdrawl” on the top panel.

      Here you have your Hodlnaut Bitcoin address. Either press the button to copy your address or hit “show QR code”.

      Head to the external wallet that your Bitcoin is stored in and send it to this specific address. 

      Tip – It is always best to scan an address QR as opposed to copying or even trying to type out an address.

      Once you have sent your Bitcoin to your new Hodlnaut account, it should arrive in a matter of minutes. 

      Step 3 – To check all transactions, head back to the dashboard by clicking “My Account” on the top panel. You can now scroll down to the bottom beneath your Balance Overview to see the transactions list. 

      Step 4 – Sit back and enjoy your completely passive income. You don’t need to do anything. 

      If for whatever reason be it personal or tax reasons you can head to the “Statements” tab across the top panel for a more detailed look at the interest you have made in your crypto holdings. 

      You can export this data by clicking the download button to the right. 

      Additional features of the Hodlnaut web app


      If you need to withdraw your crypto from the app, that is no problem. As discussed above there is NO LOCK-UP PERIOD. You have complete freedom over what you do with your assets. 

      Simply head to “Deposit/Withdrawal” and scroll down to the Withdrawal section and select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw and also input the recipient’s address. 

      For more information on Hodlnaut withdrawal fees head here.

      Token Swap

      Hodlnaut has recently released an excellent feature that is available within the web app. 

      You can seamlessly swap your tokens within the site hassle-free and best of all, all token swaps are free!

      To do this is super simple. Head to the “Token Swaps” tab across the top panel. 

      Input the amount of each token you wish to swap and hit “Review Quote”.

      You will be given a quote for the swap which will be valid for 30 seconds. 

      If you are happy click accept and the swap will be near-instant. Easy as that. 

      From here you can see your Order History or swap some more of your tokens by hitting New Quote. 


      The same as with the Hodlnaut app, there is a section to get that all-important referral code. The number of other apps and websites that make it so difficult to find the referral code is frustrating, so this is something I like about both the Hodlnaut app and web app.

      Again, this is super simple, which appears to be a recurring theme here. Click the copy button and send it to all of your friends and family to ensure you get that well-deserved commission.


      So, that is about it. I have to say that both the app and web app are impossibly easy to use. It literally can’t get any easier. The process is so streamlined and efficient, I wouldn’t hesitate to send Hodlnaut to friends and family as I know I wouldn’t have to help them out as I often do with other protocols and apps. Plus, I’d get some of that nice commission…

      For me, if you have funds sitting around that are available to earn interest on Hodlnaut, it is a no-brainer. This wonderful platform allows anyone to earn frictionless yield at impressive APYs. It is the perfect mix of DeFi’s quality and worthwhile returns but with the added layers of security and protection which CeFi excels at. 

      About The Author

      Grant Shears

      has a background in academic research and made the switch to full-time crypto in 2020 after being an early 2017 investor. He now spends his time writing and advising for projects within the space with a particularly heavy focus on DeFi.