Crypto Market Cap$2,111,471,977,9433.07%
Staking Market Cap$633,558,222,4187.47%
Locked in Staking$146,523,582,3205.7%
Proof of Stake Dominance58.68%1.36%
Average Reward Rate14.95%-1.07%
Average Total Staked23.13%-1.65%
Crypto Market Cap$2,111,471,977,9433.07%
Staking Market Cap$633,558,222,4187.47%
Locked in Staking$146,523,582,3205.7%
Proof of Stake Dominance58.68%1.36%
Average Reward Rate14.95%-1.07%
Average Total Staked23.13%-1.65%

      This Guide is sponsored by Student Coin and reviewed by the Staking Rewards Team.

      If you thought that crypto developers already made the best out of blockchain technology and that there’s no chance for somebody to find a new utility for it, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

      Student Coin took the spotlight with its unique approach to tokens, which can now be used for crowdfunding projects, education, and more. 

      What is Student Coin?

      Student Coin is a blockchain-based ecosystem that widens crypto-area inclusion.

      The company was created to achieve two main objectives – to allow individuals and companies to develop their own tokens and educate people to get rid of tech insecurities.

      More than 500 well-known universities such as Stanford or Harvard are supporting this initiative, all of them recognizing the potential of Student Coin.

      What makes Student Coin special?

      Student Coin is different from other blockchain projects because of its focus on entrepreneurs and students. To be more specific, Student Coin made it possible for users to initiate crowdfunding projects. 

      Here’s how it works.

      You build a token, list it on Student Coin, and investors are free to purchase it and trade it on the STC Exchange. You get the funds you need to start your enterprise or sign up for college. After you have a steady source of revenue, you pay the money back gradually over time.

      The value of the tokens built on the platform is based on the core token of Student Coin – the STC Token. 

      What is the STC Token, and how can you get it?

      STC is the primary token of Student Coin — enabling the creation of personalized tokens without technical knowledge.

      And there are endless opportunities as you can take any path – startup tokens, DeFi tokens, NFT tokens, etc. You can exchange them, trade them, or use them for crowdfunding.

      You can get the STC token on its ICO, which will last until April 30th

      The STC Launchpad ICO has been around since February 1st, but it went through no less than 89 phases, reaching more than $13 million. Each stage raises the STC token by $0,0002, the current value being $0.0161.

      STC Token – ICO Bonuses

      If you want to get additional assets, all you need to do is gather your friends and convince them to join you.

      With a single referral link, you can get 20% of the ETH invested by your friends or even 30% of their STC investments. 

      The Student Coin Ecosystem

      It’s not just about the STC token. Student Coin is a whole ecosystem created to allow more people to enter the blockchain area without worrying about all of its technology.

      The Student Coin platform has two key components – the business component and the educational one.

      The business part

      This includes three main apps that depend on each other.

      1. The STC Terminal

      This is the software that makes possible the creation of the STC-based token, and it will be ready for users in Q3 2021. However, you can see from its preview that creating a token will not require technical knowledge.

      All you will need to do is set up what type of token you want, general token information (like the total supply), its utility, and other customization options.

      1. The STC Wallet

      This is obviously the wallet for STC tokens but is also available for other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

      The STC Wallet is also an excellent instrument for managing your assets because it offers you access to your cryptos as well as weekly insights. 

      1. The STC Exchange

      This is the place where crowdfunding supporters use the STC-based tokens listed. The STC Exchange also has a friendly interface where every token is distributed by category – making trading choices more accessible.

      The educational part

      The STC Educational Panel was built for newcomers to ensure that they will not be frightened by all the technical information about the cryptocurrency domain. 

      To make the learning experience smoother, Student Coin divided its courses by category and level of difficulty. There are five parts until now, starting with the technology and ending with information about each of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. 

      Who’s behind it?

      The Student Coin Ecosystem was the idea of Wojciech Podobas, the author of “Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia” and “Advanced Technical Analysis – The Complex Technical Analysis of Assets”.

      It started in 2018 with the “ALK Student Coin” being divided between Kozminski University students – where the CEO studies. 

      But the project was so well received externally that he and his team decided to expand the token utility to other universities and rebrand their token. 

      By the end of April 2020, the project reached no less than 2,000 users from 18 countries and 200 universities. And less than a year later, Student Coin got over 50,000 users and 500 universities who trust the team’s expertise. 

      There are 44 dedicated members in the STC team, and they continuously update their roadmap to ensure they make the most out of blockchain technology. As you can see below, the next stop on the roadmap will be the STC App – which will get STC benefits to mobile.

      Now, what’s stopping you? Join the STC Ecosystem and make your dreams a reality! 

      And if you want to know what other users think about the platform, check out the video below and see the ecosystem through the eyes of Digital Millionaire:

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