Why Stake Slavicoin?

      Reward rates for Staking Slavi Coin

      Staking Slavi Coin can net users from a 30% APR all the way up to 120% as can be seen from the image above taken from the Staking Rewards Slavi Coin Asset Page. This APR dwarfs the market standard of 10-20%, making it extremely profitable to stake Slavi Coin if the token is able to maintain its value.

      Step 1 – Heading to the Slavi Coin Staking Dashboard

      Heading to the dashboard for staking Slavi Coin
      1. First, you need to head over to the Slavi Main Page
      2. You then need to click on Staking SLV to head to the Staking Dashboard

      Step 2 – Connecting your Metamask Wallet to the Slavi Coin Dashboard

      Connecting your metamask for staking Slavi Coin

      You can now connect your Metamask by making sure its on the Binance Smart Chain and then clicking on connect in the top right.

      Step 3 – Inputting how much Slavi Coin you want to stake

      How much SLV for Staking Slavi Coin

      From here you simply have to input the amount of Slavi you wish to stake. Currently, there is a minimum of 1000 SLV to stake.

      Step 4 – Choosing your lockup time for Staking Slavi Coin

      Like many other protocols with locked staking, your APR goes up as you increase your lockup time. Your Staking APR also increases with the amount of Slavi Coin you are going to lock up, this lets you raise your APR from 35% all the way to 120% if you max out both your staked SLV and the lockup time.

      Step 5 – Confirming your transaction in Metamask

      After you have clicked the button to stake your Slavi Coin, you will have to approve the transaction in Metamask and pay the Binance Smart Chain Gas fee of around 50 cents.

      Step 6 – Claim your Rewards

      Claiming your reward from Staking Slavi Coin

      Awesome!, your Slavi Coin is now staked and you can see how much SLV you have earned by visiting the Claim Tab. Furthermore, you can see how much longer you have left in your lockup period by checking out the unstake tab.


      In conclusion staking, Slavi Coin is a great way to increase your holdings in a token that is yet to hit the market. As you can see the process is super simple and is all done in one place. However since 1000 Slavi is the minimum you can stake at the current price of $200, this might be a barrier to entry for those who aren’t willing to risk on a token that isn’t launched yet.

      About The Author

      Abishek Y Kannan

      is a Research Analyst at Staking Rewards and covers the asset data integrations on the platform. He has been in the crypto space since 2019 besides his role at Staking Rewards, he is studying actuarial studies at UNSW. Abishek is a crypto enthusiast who loves exploring the novel ways of blockchains to make the world a better and more efficient place.