Oct 12, 2023

A Guide to Solana Liquid Staking

Research · 9 Minute Read · Written by Brandon Tucker



  • Solana's popularity is underscored by its robust staking system, with liquid staking introduced in August 2021, offering more flexibility and DeFi integration than traditional staking.
  • Liquid staking tokens (LSTs) in Solana increase in value over time compared to SOL, making them attractive for collateral in DeFi transactions. They also feature a "delayed unstake" function for converting back to SOL.
  • Solana's staking ecosystem has improved liquidity for LSTs, with platforms like Marinade and Jupiter enhancing market liquidity, allowing for larger swaps with minimal price impact.
  • Staking returns vary, with Solana's inflation at 5.90% as of August 2023, but high-performance stake pools can offer around 7% APY. Different pools offer unique benefits, including potential governance tokens and varying validator sets.
  • Despite the inherent risks of smart contracts and potential market volatility, the outlook for Solana's liquid staking remains positive, with ongoing developments expected to drive growth and DeFi integration.


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