Dec 12, 2023

10 Top Staking Networks Launching in 2024

Research · 12 Minute Read · Written by Adam Campbell



  • In 2024, a wave of innovative Proof of Stake (PoS) networks is set to launch, addressing blockchain challenges. Ten notable networks include:

    Aleo: Privacy-focused PoS with Zero-Knowledge proofs.

  • Berachain: DeFi platform using a proof-of-liquidity (PoL) model.

  • Tenet: Diversified PoS (DiPoS) consensus, using collateral from other networks.

  • Zetachain: Focus on interoperability with omni-chain smart contracts.

  • Monad: High-performance PoS with parallel execution and Ethereum compatibility.

  • Namada: Privacy-focused PoS layer-1 with Multi-Asset Shielded Pool (MAPS).

  • Xion: Consumer-focused PoS with generalized abstraction.

  • Avail: Modular blockchain addressing rollup scaling.

  • Autonity: EVM-based blockchain for decentralized derivatives.

  • Altlayer: A decentralized network for rollup sequencers and validators.