For this guide we assume you have already created an account and successfully claimed DOT tokens. Now you can follow this simple guide to nominate Polkadot validators.

      1. Bond a desired amount of DOT tokens and Nominate Validators

      Go to and choose Staking tab. Select Account actions in the top menu and press + Nominator.


      Find your account in the drop-down menu and then put the amount you are going to bond. But not all your tokens. Leave some DOT available to pay transaction fees and set a controller after transfers are enabled. It is recommended to retain at least 5% not bonded.

      Press next.


      In Polkadot nominators do not delegate a desired portion of their funds. Instead, they pick desired validators and the system will automatically split their bonded stake among them to provide an even distribution. In the nominate validators window add up to 16 validators from the left hand box. You can pick a particular address by pasting it in the blank search field.

      To add a validator in the list simply press on the address with the left click. The chosen account will appear in the right hand column.

      Repeat until you have added all desired staking providers. After that clear the search field and check addresses in the right box.

      Press Bond & Nominate

      Sign the transaction.

      Locked funds become available after unbonding which takes 28 days.


      This Guide is a collaboration between Staking Rewards and P2P Validator.

      P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider securing more than $40 million by over 1000 delegators/nominators across 15+ top-notch networks. The company have been presented in all Polkadot testnets and have been actively participating on Kusama network since the beginning. P2P Validator provides comprehensive due-diligence and invested its own funds in Polkadot in 2017 intending to support the network in the long term.

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